"...I am lucky to get to know Attila personally and I hope the people reading the book will get closer to him. Finishing the book, the words of Hamlet by Shakespeare will come to their mind "... There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy"."

Janos Brody - Recording Artist


"This book is worth the read. Attila has had a very interesting life. His journey is a testament to the phrase 'Perseverance furthers'."

Alan Edward Bell - Feature Film Editor
Water for Elephants


"One would consider Attilla Nemeti's story of rags-to-riches a long shot considering his many experiences with life's endless setbacks - the physical, financial and emotional hardships - that would challenge anyone's faith in Man's basic survival in this dog-eat-dog world. In Stepping Through, Attila has generously shared with us his up-and-down struggles and mindful insights detailing his drive, hunger, and unwavering willingness to adapt, to break through the foreign barrier of being a poor, struggling immigrant from Hungary to becoming a highly successful entrepreneur in his new chosen country, the U.S.A, the land of many opportunities. Attila Nemeti is a living demonstration of what can be achieved through education, hard-headed determination, a little twist of luck, and... with his special love, we come to find that the sky is indeed limitless."

James Morioka - Motion Picture Sound Editor
The Tree of Life - Crazy, Stupid, Love - A Serious Man


“Finishing Stepping Through in one day I found the book to be a remarkable account of a brave young foreigner coming to America and the almost insurmountable problems he encountered. A powerful exhilarating autobiography."

Sharon Jackman - De La Mare Engineering Inc. Special Effects


"Attila Nemeti’s book, “Stepping Through,” is an intriguing and fascinating account of his amazing personal life story. Mr. Nemeti takes the reader on an exciting journey through his life and has something for everyone – adventure, drama, philosophy, love and romance. It gives personal insight into the workings of the Team USA trainer who helped to make history when Team USA defeated previously undefeated Japan at the 13th World Kendo Championships at Taipei, Taiwan. But that’s another part of Mr. Nemeti’s story – I can’t wait for the next book!"

Yuriko M. Shikai


"Stepping Through is a unique tale of one man's life. Attila Nemeti exposes the American reader to experiences that seem unimaginable. The story of his struggle is engaging and eye-opening to many things I've taken for granted by being born in the USA."

Christine Schneider