Attila Nemeti

As an author I tend to think in unusual formations which acts out in different structures. In fiction I can move puzzles around; in the memoir I had to follow real life. We intelligent humans are the lucky being "vacationing" between nothingness for a very short period of time on planet Earth. I am one of the lucky ones.

My life began on a Saturday evening on Valentines Day, 14 years after World War II. At a young age I dreamt to become an astronaut 'till my broken knee disqualified me. I grew up in Budapest Hungary studying Physical Education to become a swimming coach, the Art of Film to improve my visual culture and Psychology to understand instincts and intelligence. Afterward I wanted to teach not just a classroom of people, but I desired to share my thoughts with all.

I surrounded my life with books and my favorite place to hang out was the gigantic, quite library of the Parliament. The books there alone couldn't fulfill my hunger for explanation so when communism and I could no longer coexist, and as I become a global emigrant, my wider search began for greater knowledge.

My spiritual and mental travels made me wiser and with the physical experiences, all helped me to understand more about us ... humans. In the last 45 years I have been in 65 countries trying to comprehend the past and the present cultures of humanity.

The human race is still tiptoeing in an infant shoes but I believe in us! The meaning of Intelligence is a problem solving capability, and that is one of the reasons why we are the dominant species of planet Earth and our children are the future.

I am at the age when my curtains are closing and I choose to exit this life in a warm room in front of a fire place on a cold dawn of January, 2052 ... but I have to see what my ancestors have to say about that!

My life looks like this at the moment:

I am working on my new fiction book call "Butterfly Dance", ... From different parts of the United States, four very unique 18 years old freshmen meet in the beginning of the new semester at the dorm of New York University. In the epic, I follow their drama of friendship through their life of dreams, goals, struggles, loves and sacrifices till their death. "Butterfly Dance" entertains its readers not just with the present life of the four boys but at the past of their family life circles in The United States.

Working on different photo projects,

Helping to train my horse (Ferrence) to not just achieve but be one of the best dressage horse at the Grand Prix level,

Growing 850 avocado and 1100 lemon trees,

Training people and myself in kendo. Kendo of Martial Arts is the way of the sword as the Samurai sees it.

... and the rest of the time ... I dream!

My favorite writers, books and stories:

  • John Barth-- The Floating Opera and The End of the Road
  • Jack Kerouac-- On the Road
  • Gabriel Garcia Marquez-- One Hundred Years of Solitude
  • Kurt Vonnegut-- Welcome to the Monkey House
  • Osho-- The Book of Secrets
  • Miyamoto Musashi-- The Book of Five Rings
  • Jamamoto Cunetomo-- Hagakure
  • Antoine de Saint-Exupery-- The Little Prince
  • Francois Villon-- The Ballad of Yesterday's Belles
  • Jeno Rejto-- The 14 Carat Roadster
  • Cho"gyam Trungpa -- The Heart of Buddha
  • Michael Sherman-- How We Believe.
  • Thomas Mann-- Buddenbrooks
  • Mark Twain--The Adventure of Tom Sawyer
  • Johann Wolfgang von Goethe--Faust
  • Leo Tolstoy--War and Peace
  • Fyodor Dostoevsky-- The Brothers Karamazov
  • J.D. Salinger-- A Perfect Day for Banana Fish
  • John Steinbeck-- Of Mice and Men
  • Daniel Coyle-- The Talent Code
  • Gunter Grass-- The Tin Drum
  • Asimov-- The Foundation Trilogy
  • Ernest Hemingway--The Sun Also Rises
  • Olson Scott -- Ender's Game
  • Ray Bradbury--Fahrenheit 451
  • Anton Semyonovich Makarenko-- The Road to Life

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